The Vine and the Branches

Ben —  September 12, 2016 — Leave a comment

So often we think that faith comes in the form of a book, a church event, a sermon or a conference but in actuality, none of these things are actually the source (although all of these things are great!). John 15 recounts one of Jesus’ most potent and beautiful teachings on the source of our faith – the vine, the branches and the fruit. Jesus describes himself as the vine, God as the gardener and us as the branches. The purpose of the vine is to grow strong branches that bud, flower and bear fruit. Jesus wants us (the branches) to have this fruitful life, and act as His conduit and vehicle to bearing fruit.

However fruit can only be produced when it is connected to the vine, the source of its water and nutrients that are necessary not only for fruiting but for the branches very survival. A branch separated from the vine quickly goes brittle – it is dead and unable to sustain any life itself. Jesus tells us that the key to living a life that is abundantly fruitful is to ‘remain in Him’ meaning to stay in close relationship with Him. If you want to see more fruit in your life (this may come in the form of answered prayer, joy, loving people and consciously avoiding a lifestyle of sin), then deepening your daily dependence and connection to Jesus is the answer.