The Power Of Dreams

Ben —  March 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

A dream can be a powerful thing – it can be a strong motivating force that draws us into our future and shapes our lives dramatically. Many highly successful people understand this. Often a childhood dream can be a powerful motivator over several decades, even a lifetime.

There are numerous stories in the Bible about people who had dreams or saw visions which had far reaching effects on their lives:

Abraham: The Lord came to Abraham in a vision which stirred his heart for what the future could be.

Jacob: Jacob was born a manipulator but he experienced a dramatic vision of a ladder of angels ascending and descending. This experience changed his identity and set his destiny in motion.

Jabez: He brought his vision of an enlarged territory to the Lord and his prayers were granted.

Joseph: As a young man, Joseph told his brothers about his dreams of greatness. The events which followed would test his faith to see his dreams fulfilled to the limit – over a period of many years he was first stripped of the special garment which denoted his favoured position and reminded him of his dream, thrown into a deep pit, abandoned, sold into slavery, framed for adultery and left to languish in prison. Yet God used all these challenges to strategically position Joseph for amazing promotion when the time was right.

The real journey of Joseph was the development of his character – as it will be for each of us. The God dream is not just about what you’re going to do – it is about who God is making you. God is more concerned with our inner development than the job we do.

God is always up to something!

‘Faith is designed to release us to do in our generation what the men of the Bible and great men in church history did in theirs.’ R.T. Kendell