The Pit Experience

Ben —  March 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

Not long after Joseph declared his dreams to his brothers, they threw him into a pit and left him for dead. Joseph suffered massive setbacks earlier in his life, but through it all he remained faithful. He was greatly used by God and was rewarded with great blessing. He steered Egypt through a time of devastating famine so successfully that it was able to help out other nations, including his homeland and even his own family.

The pit was:

Empty – you’re on your own

Dark – no visibility, devoid of vision

Dry – no water, a thirsty place

Painful – he was thrown in, abandoned

Lonely – no-one around to help

Dead – the dream seems to have died

A place of brokenness

We all find ourselves in pits now and then. It seems like our dreams have died, our potential has dried up, and encouragement is hard to find.

Pits can be of a financial, relational, Spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, devotional, or visional nature.

But don’t let the pit define you. Let the experience strengthen you as you learn to respond, even in the toughest situations – the harder the test, the greater the testimony.