Raising Miracles – Principles for Parenting

Ben —  December 9, 2010 — Leave a comment

The family unit is not something that was originated by man, the church or society in general – the family was God’s idea from the start, and children are gifts from Him.

Ps 127:3 Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.

Children are a gift, but they come with a huge need for responsibility and stewardship attached.

Let’s look at the story of Jesus’ birth – from His earthly parents’ point of view. God chose Jesus’ entry into the world to be as a newborn baby. He also chose the couple who would be his earthly parents – Joseph and Mary.

On the surface, it certainly didn’t seem like the perfect scenario.

Firstly they were not yet married – in a time and culture where pregnancy out of wedlock had far greater stigma attached than in our day.

They were not well off financially.

They weren’t even in their hometown, and the ‘birthing suite’ was barely adequate.

They were human, like us, with failings and weaknesses.

Nevertheless God chose them for the role, just as he appoints us as parents to our children (or future children).

Being a good parent is a great challenge, especially in today’s world of high divorce rates, the pervasive philosophy of ‘Child-centric’ parenting, and the erosion of morals in our society. All this only serves to highlight the importance of the job of parenting.

As parents the primary responsibility of raising our children doesn’t belong to schools, day care, the government or any other organisation, not even the church – it belongs to us.