Keys To Improving Your Prayer Life

Cindi —  January 21, 2010 — Leave a comment

There is more power in prayer than in all the armies of the world. Our prayers are not just idle words being spoken; they are unlike any other form of language because there is a spiritual element attached to prayer. I think if we really understood the power in our prayers then we would be praying a lot more!

Here are some keys to improve your own personal prayer life:

  1. Time. Place. Method.
    Have a time. Set aside a certain point in the day that you know is your time to talk to God. Put a value on your time with God.

    Have a place. You can pray anywhere at anytime, but to develop a disciplined, regular prayer life, we should have a place where we know we can focus our mind on God.

    Have a method. It can be after the kids have gone to bed, on the way to work or going for a run. Find what method best suits you.

  2. Put away distractions
    I think I am most distracted when it comes time to pray. All of a sudden I am thinking of a million other things I have to do and people to call, or what to have for lunch.

    To solve this problem I always have a pen and paper with me (or my iphone task list) and if something comes into my mind that needs to be done (and it always does) I simply write it down and then get back to praying.

    It is important that we recognize the things that will distract us and try to minimize them. Once we know what our distractions are, we can overcome them with solutions and further develop our prayer life.

  3. Use the Bible as a guide
    If you are reading through Proverbs and it is talking about wisdom and right living, start praying that God will give you wisdom to help others and to live a Godly life.

    If you are reading through Psalms and reading David’s praises to God, begin to praise God also. Whatever you read in the scripture, you can apply to your own life.

Remember prayer is not a passive act. Prayer is AN AGGRESSIVE, ACTIVE MINISTRY. You are putting your shoulder to the wheel and moving the forces of heaven. It is two-way communication. God wants to speak to you more than you need to talk to him.

Prayer is about our lives changing.