Faith for Provision

Ben —  August 3, 2016 — Leave a comment

Provision is where God supplies the resources, power and opportunity to fulfil the vision He has given us. Our faith for provision can often be tested in natural ways, such as believing for breakthrough in our careers, finances or personal dreams. In Genesis 22, Abraham was taken on a tremendous faith journey by God, when he was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac on the altar. In the previous chapter, we are told how miraculous it was that Abraham was given a son, and now Abraham faced losing him. Despite this, Abraham rose ‘early in the morning’ to begin this journey – he didn’t delay or negotiate with God. Abraham’s language was that of faith ‘my son and I will come back to you.’ When Isaac asked where the lamb to be sacrificed was, Abraham replied ‘My son, God will provide for Himself the lamb for a burnt offering.’ There are many parallels in this story that foretell of the sacrifice of God’s own son Jesus. Our greatest need in life – the need for a Saviour – has already been provided to us. Can each of us find that little bit of faith for daily provision, considering our eternal provision has already been met?

So how do we grow in our faith?

  • Obedience – just as Abraham showed. Do I truly trust God’s word?
  • Sacrifice – giving something that’s precious to us (whether it be time, finances or otherwise) puts a natural test to spiritual concepts
  • Seeing God’s provision – helps to germinate that tiny mustard seed faith
  • Each faith hurdle we overcome – confirms we are progressing. Faith is designed to be stretched

God knows and loves each of us, and He has unlimited resources. Where He gives vision, have faith that He brings provision.