Darryl’s Miracle

Ben —  July 20, 2010 — Leave a comment

As you may have heard, our dear friend and long standing church member, Darryl O’Callaghan, was in a serious motorbike accident on Saturday.

At Saturday night when I was at the hospital, the doctors thought he would not even make it through the night as his injuries were so traumatic and extensive.

By the grace of God, people began gathering at our church to pray through the night. We had 40 people praying through to 3am for Darryl!

By morning, we had the news that the life-saving surgery was successful.

Darryl remains in very critical condition on life support.

Today I visited him again, and was able to speak to the head surgeon, Dr. Martin, that performed the operation. It turns out he is a Christian that has come to Lifeplace! He told me that none of the other doctors would even do the surgery as they thought it was futile. But he said he felt God tell him to do it.

In the surgeons words, “This was a miracle. It was the prayer that got him through. He is still very critical and we need to keep praying.”

Let’s continue to rally together as a church family to lift as Darryl, Julie, Siana, and family. The family want to thank everyone for their support and prayer.

As a means of us communicating effectively, we have set up a website that we will update every 24 hours so you can check on his progress. Just go to:

You are an amazing church, and we serve a powerful God!


Pastor Ben