Building Together What Lasts

Ben —  October 10, 2016 — Leave a comment

I think that everything of value in life is not so much discovered, but intentionally built. Every day we build on attitudes, actions and habits that influence our friendships, our families, physical health, careers and our faith. God calls us to be builders, to create and not criticize, to be involved and not stand back.

Isaiah  54:2–3 (NLT) “Enlarge your house; build an  addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams. Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities.”

This scripture really defines were we are as a church, as we build a second campus in our city. It’s just an empty building today, but we are building in anticipation of the eternal impact that Jesus will have on this community.

Six keys to building together with Jesus

  • Build something bigger than just you – 1 Corinthians 3:10 – 17
  • Build what Jesus is building – Matthew 16:18
  • Have a long term view – Jeremiah 29:5 – 7
  • Find a place of involvement – 1 Corinthians 12:18
  • Build something eternal and spiritual – Exodus 20: 24 – 26

Don’t just be a church attender, a church maintainer or a church critic. Be a church builder, like the apostle Paul. Step up and contribute your time, talents and treasure to build something that lasts!