Biblical change

Ben —  February 2, 2012
  • It’s not just a one-off event – it lasts a lifetime. Change is a lifelong process, not a singular event – a journey rather than a destination. Don’t expect major changes to happen overnight; don’t give up if they take awhile to consolidate.
  • It’s Scriptural: This is why we all need to get it happening in our lives. We need a steady input of God’s word to keep the changes flowing. Yes, His word is encouraging, but it’s also challenging! We need to be regularly reading and hearing the word. As we do, it won’t take too long before we get challenged to change! Come to church attuned to His voice, ready to be challenged. How’s the ratio of your Bible reading compared to input from other sources such as TV, internet, news, magazines?
  • It’s directed by the Holy Spirit. He knows your ways and will tell you things, give you ideas and nudge you into action. God will put things on your heart and light up particular areas to you. Be open to His voice (which often just comes as an inner sensing than rather an audible sound) and learn to listen to His promptings.
  • It involves every area of your life. It’s not just about your Sundays or even just spiritual areas. It applies to every area of your life, often in very practical, down-to-earth ways.
  • Don’t expect it to be easy – true change never is. And God has a way of pinpointing the particular areas where we don’t want to change! We cry “I’m not ready” or “any other area than that one!” but the Christian walk is not always ‘a walk in the park’! Sometimes the seasons we’re finding the toughest are actually instigated by God. In fact God will use difficulty and challenge as catalysts for growth.
  • God is creative – he can bring change in unexpected ways. He orchestrates circumstances that challenge us, encouraging growth. We can get complacent when things are going too easily! It’s easy to resist growth and get stuck in a rut. A key – learn to change quickly. We need to stay flexible, adaptable and teachable.

To think about: Have I made significant God-directed growth/changes in the last year? If not, am I really listening to what God is trying to tell me?

We all like asking God to change what we think He should – but are we asking Him what we need to change?