Australian statistics on finances

Ben —  May 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

Some disturbing Australian stats:

  1. We spend $2.2billion a year on pets (Sydney Morning Herald
  2. We average $60 a week each unaccounted for – no idea where we spend it! (Herald Sun)
  3. Average $700 a year on alcohol (
  4. $1 billion on newspapers (Aus Bureau of Stats)
  5. Average smoker spends around $5000 a year on cigarettes (Herald Sun)
  6. Average cost of a wedding is $49,000 (Bride to Be) (yet many complain about the inability of young couples to get into the housing market)
  7. Average $3500 credit card debt (Reserve Bank of Australia)
  8. $1,123 average per capita spend on gambling (Australasian Gambling Council)
  9. Experiencing financial stress: 21% (Australian Government department of families)

10.  Household Disposable Income (HDI) in Australia in 2005-06 spent on gambling was 2.93%

11. Money issues are a major factor in 90% of divorces

Regarding handling our finances, it would seem that the ‘old normal’ simply isn’t working any more

God’s Financial Plan: Financial Worldview from Lifeplace on Vimeo.