6 Principles For Parenting

Ben —  January 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

There are so many different schools of thought and opinions about parenting out there these days. How do we find the best approach?

Here are some principles to help raise children to become Godly adults:

1. Follow the leading of God in your parenting. Involve God. There will be times when you run out of strength or answers, but if you turn to Him he will help you through.

2. Parent ‘through your imperfections’. We all feel inadequate, and no doubt we will all make mistakes at times, yet God still chooses us to do the job anyway.

3. Dads, be men of God; mums, be women of God. If you want to raise Godly children, be a Godly person yourself. Parenting is all about modelling, not lecturing.  Having your own active relationship with God is vital – don’t delegate this area to your spouse! And remember, your greatest calling in life is to your family.

4. Parenting is all about looking after your relationships. With all the busyness of family life, don’t lose track of your relationships with your spouse and each one of your children.

Parenting is leading by example. Your strengths (and weaknesses) will be noticed, picked up and passed on – even to future generations.

6. Actively nurture your children. Create an environment where health in all areas, growth and success are encouraged. Build a positive environment and a caring atmosphere. Your home is the no. 1 influence on your child’s development.

As parents we have the amazing opportunity of shaping and moulding these young lives, and watching God’s hand upon them as they grow into adults.

When Mother Theresa was asked what she thought would be the greatest contribution people could make to world peace, her answer was: ‘Go home and love your family.’