5 Ways To Speak Faith

Ben —  March 16, 2011 — Leave a comment
  1. Learn a new vocabulary: build up your knowledge of the scriptures. Approach it like learning the vocabulary of a foreign language.
  1. Make Faith declarations: Learn to speak God’s promises over tough situations and problems. You may need to persist in this over time to see changes.
  1. Claim things in Jesus’ name: There is power when we call on His name and apply His Word.
  1. Speak things out in prayer: Take your problems to God rather than complaining to others. Our prayers don’t have to be long or fancy to be effective – In fact Jesus spoke against those who tried to impress others with extended, grandiose prayers in public places.
  1. Discipline your mouth to speak uplifting, building, encouraging words. As believers we are all called to become more like Christ, which includes gaining control over our tongues. Just blurting everything out is neither wise nor beneficial. Habitually grumbling and complaining does no-one any favours.

Prov 13:3 Those who guard their lips preserve their lives, but those who speak rashly will come to ruin.

We need to filter what comes out of our mouths. If we continually rattle off whatever goes through our mind, we’ll probably do some damage – to ourselves and others. Work on learning the language of faith.